Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Why is it that Democrats continue to provide cover for the Republicans? That's exactly what the Democrats that are in negotiation for a 'compromise' are doing. There are no doubt Republicans that don't wish the Senate rules to change and eliminate the fillibuster but none are courageous enough to come out and state their positions and maybe they wouldn't have the guts to vote in opposition to BuchCo, Frist and the rightwing nuts either. The end result if they're are able to generate affirmative votes from 50 Repugnican Senators - the 'nuklur' option. I say force the vote and let the Repugnicans pay for the fallout - make them take a position. I think latest polls show that ~60% of the public are not in favor of the 'nuklur' option. The Dems need to take it to the people and be more vocal than they have been - make the Republicans defend their position, particularly those with presidential aspirations in '08 or those up for re-election. Let 'em vote - I don't think they have the 50 votes and if they do -the Dems should, use any and all available procedural methods to stall all Senate business. But stop giving these a**holes cover.


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