Sunday, May 01, 2005

Packin' It In

To hell and back. Well, not quite. Got the house all cleaned (is it just me - I hate coming home to more than laundry so I always clean everything spic and span right before heading out) and now it's time to finish getting the gear together. It'll be a little strange - I can't remember the last time Mr. CJ and I went camping all by our lonesome -a function of our recently acquired empty-nest status. At any rate, I will be incommunicado this week and I haven't heard anything further from Terry so I don't know if he'll be hitting the keys this week or not. In theory, he was supposed to be returning to the states about now but with all the latest shenanigans with troop deployment I guess that's not a given these days. We'll be heading out in the morning so this is it for me until the 9th - ciao.


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