Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shorter Mark Joseph

I don't know much but I know I don't like Howard Dean.

Who is Mark Joseph? Well, he's a multimedia "free radical" according to his bio. Would that be in as can't get a steady gig or unstable and highly reactive, believed to accelerate the progression of cancer - he's certainly combining with way too much oxygen for my tastes. Yeah, the Dems should definitely listen to some nut job that produced the soundtrack for Gibson's Passion because, hey, he covered the Democratic National Convention in 2000 for Armstrong Williams' program and is stupid enough to include that association in his bio. Though in his thesis statement, He doesn't bother with what exactly Howard Dean is doing that's going to make him responsible for a Repubnican majority in '08 but he's got some novel (as in cut and pasted from any number of articles) advice for Democrats on how to "get back into the game". Hey Mark - take your pop faith and masturbate in the privacy of your own home 'kay?


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