Wednesday, May 11, 2005

WMDs: The Final Report

It was only a couple of weeks ago we learned the supposedly final conclusions that Saddam had no WMDs nor had he moved them to Syria (yeah, I know the Pentagon and CIA were a little slow on the uptake). However, you may have deduced that absence of evidence translated to evidence of absence -but not so fast. As it turns out we (those of us skeptical of the WMD claims as a rationale for war) were wrong. Yes, we have to be willing to admit our error. Dubya was right. We had 'misunderestimated' Saddam. That clever bastard had WMDs but he didn't move them to Syria to avoid detection - no that dastardly, devious dictator squirreled them away in Kentucky. Nitpicker will issue a formal apology to the BuchCo Administration as soon as the origin of these WMDs has been verified. [via skb]


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