Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dorgan on target

Sen. Byron Dorgan has hit the nail on the head, calling Kenneth Tomlinson's "survey" of NPR and PBS "nutty."

NPR has a bunch of stuff on the Mann Report here.

Here's my own little survey, for which I expect Kenny T. to send me $14,000. (If Mann can get paid that much for a "typo-riddled" report with shoddy methodology, I should get something for this nicely typed blog post.)
Ben Wattenberg:
Ben J. Wattenberg is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. He is the moderator of the weekly PBS television program Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg.

Other shows featuring Mr. Wattenberg:
-The First Measured Century
-Values Matter Most
-The Grandchild Gap
-America's Number One, What Next?
-The Stockholder Society
-A Third Choice
-The Democrats
-In Search of the Real America
(weekly series)
-Ben Wattenberg At Large (weekly series)
-There's more...
So, while Mann chose (or was told to investigate) only two PBS programs, a conservative Republican Zell Miller-like pseudo Democrat has hosted three weekly series and numerous documentaries. He does this, by the way, with the production assistance of New River Media the senior staff of which is made up of former Bush White House employees, Cato Institute hacks and more AEI flunkies. (It also lists Jonah Goldberg and Jay Nordlinger as "research assistants" for Think Tank.)

And let's not forget The McLaughlin Group, Journal Editorial Report, Wall $treet Week, &c.


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