Friday, June 24, 2005

Hello, Hello, Anybody Out There?

We're back online. I don't quite know why we went offline sometime between my last post on Thursday night (last week) and my attempting to post on Friday morning. Of course, now we have the new bug that has afflicted many but, hey, I'll take it - at least they were able to recover this blog.

In the interim, I started a new blog that I had plans for in anticipation of Terry's return here (and no, sorry, I haven't heard any news from him) and it seemed no time like the present. Of course, that blog also has caught the new contagion.

In addition, I started a blog documenting the process of attempted blog recovery - why not, right? You can see from the last correspondence I received from Christine at Blogger support, the blog had been compromised (hacked?) but it won't happen again. All right, then.

Anyway, in the course of my start-a-new-blog-a-minute activities, I came across a new template that I like for it's stark simplicity (and bonus - it doesn't appear to be affected by the latest bug) so I'm going to convert the Synaptic Sync blog this weekend.

Given the timing, I suspect the new bug may have something to do with their new blogger images function (which is a handy feature) but then again, I suppose it could be merely a coinky-dink of timing.

Well, more later. While I wasn't able to blog on it, I did e-mail Senator Durbin and told him that many thought his only mistake was to apologize for something for which no apology was needed.


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