Tuesday, June 07, 2005

If I Could Save Time Trust in a Bottle ...

the first thing that I'd like to do is to develop beneficial applications for treating mental disorders (and establish world peace of course).[my apologies to the late, great, Jim Croce]
Swiss and American scientists say they have successfully manipulated subjects in an experiment to take risks they might not otherwise take by giving them a squirt of the hormone oxytocin to stimulate trusting behavior.
A less trusting individual, or conspiracy theorist, could think of other, shall we say less altruistic, uses for this drug.
Of course, this finding could be misused," said Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, the senior researcher in the study, which appears in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. "I don't think we currently have such abuses. However, in the future it could happen.[Nitpiicker emphasis]
Ya' think? Imagine if Chimpwit starts putting this in the 'kool aid'; he won't have to find 'friendly' crowds for his photo ops. Social Security? - history. Our only defense is to plant 3rd trimester pregnant women in the audiences as detection devices. If you start to feel uterine cramping ladies, give a shout. Of course, since all of us lefty females have abortions, we're totally screwed.

As an interesting aside, I found this site when googling for a general oxytocin reference -because oxytocin is also the touch hormone (as referenced). In fact, the bridge between touch and sex according to the fine folks at The Marriage Bed: Sex and Intimacy for Married Christians. Lots of good stuff here about touching, others or yourself. But I think they just might be promoting pedophilia.

First they get us all hot and bothered ...
Touch causes our bodies to produce a hormone called oxytocin. Not only does touch stimulate production of oxytocin, but oxytocin promotes a desire to touch and be touched: it's a feedback loop that can have wonderful results. Oxytocin makes us feel good about the person who causes the oxytocin to be released, and it causes a bonding between the two persons.

... There's more. Oxytocin plays a significant role in our sexuality too. Higher levels of oxytocin result in greater sexual receptivity, and because oxytocin increases testosterone production (which is responsible for sex drive in both men and women) sex drive can also increase. Moreover, this hormone does not just create a sexual desire in women, coupled with estrogen it creates a desire to be penetrated (that is, it makes her want intercourse). Oxytocin increases the sensitivity of the penis and the nipples, improves erections, and makes both orgasm and ejaculation stronger; it may even increase sperm counts.[Nitpicker emphasis]
with all the touching an penetratin' an orgasm an ejaculation an such, then they go on to tell us to do as much touchin' as we can, lookin' for touchin' opportunities. Then, they end with ...
And don't forget your kids, they need touch too!! [their emphasis]
Now that just don't seem right. Well, I gotta go an find out whether or not masturbatin's a sin -see ya'.


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