Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just One Question

Well, I won't be able to hear the pReznit tonight (okay, I could record it but why buck a trend - I've never seen one moment of his primetime flatulence and I have no intention of changing course now - wouldn't be prudent). I'm sure he'll touch on things like the amazing feat one-year of Iraqi sovereignty represents (from a man that knows a little something about sovereignty), our success in spreading freedom and democracy in Iraq, the hard work that presidentin' is and that but for the libruls the last throes of the insurgency would be but a memory. He'll surround himself with his favorite props, men and women in uniform (something he knows a little less about), but the question everyone wants answered is what will the banner say?

a. Fighting For Freedom and Democracy

b. Stamping Out Insurgents

c. Spending Capital

d. It's Hard, We Y'all Must Sacrifice

e. Iraq: Mission Accomplished in 2-3, 6-12 30 years


f. I'm the pResident,


Anonymous Molly Douthett said...

Great post! I like f.

8:47 AM  

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