Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Now they're just making it up as they go along

So Rep. Robin Hayes, the Republican vice chairman of the House subcommittee on terrorism, has just decided that he can lie all he wants.

In an interview about the president's Iraq speech, North Carolina Rep. Robin Hayes told CNN this morning that Saddam Hussein was "very much involved in 9/11."

According to the transcript of the interview, CNN's Carol Costello told Hayes, "But there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was connected in any way to al-Qaida." Hayes' response: "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. There's evidence everywhere. We get access to it. Unfortunately others don't. But the evidence is very clear." Costello asked, "What evidence is there?" Hayes responded: "The connection between individuals who were connected to Saddam Hussein, folks who worked for him, we've seen it time and time again."

Of course, that would mean that the 9/11 panel -- which supposedly had access to a shitload of information -- was just lying then when they wrote:

(T)o date we have seen no evidence that these or the earlier contacts ever developed into a collaborative operational relationship. Nor have we seen evidence indicating that Iraq cooperated with al Qaeda in developing or carrying out any attacks against the United States.

Costello tried, but more people in the press need to start calling bullshit on these guys.


Blogger Todd Smyth said...

Republicans Are Robbing Us Blind!

Republicans are robbing America blind and destroying the planet. They tell us how bad our government is and get elected so they can prove it. Republicans want smaller government like criminals want fewer cops, so they can get away with murder and that’s exactly what’s happening.
Three hundred billion dollars of your money to makeover one of the richest oil nations in the world.

Hundreds of $ billions of dollars in giveaways to Wall Street, drug companies, military contractors, energy and big oil.

Republicans have rolled back decades of environmental protection to profit their campaign contributors.

Nearly $8 trillion in national debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off. ($7,823,853,416,983)

And now they're after the largest single asset in the world, Social Security.

There is no excuse, they have to be stopped and there’s no time left.
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2:04 PM  
Anonymous RetLT said...

She was on him hard, I thought she did a great job of not letting him get away with another repug lie. Costello was also onto every other guest after that asking if they had every seen any proof. CNN wins one for the good guys today.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Tom - Daai Tou Laam said...

The reporter was mediocre. There is one word missing from the vocabulary for this report: LIAR!

Like Joe McCarthy was a liar for repeatedly stating he had a list of Communists. {And no I won't ask if the Busheviks have a sense of decency or shame, since obviously they'll scrape the bottom of the barrel everytime that they can.}

8:41 AM  
Anonymous patrick Ferguson said...

Of course Saddam Hussein was connected to 9/11.

Saddam Hussein is a filthy A-rab.

Al Quaida is full of filthy A-rabs.

Case closed.



9:42 AM  

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