Monday, June 06, 2005

Recruitment ... Full Circle

Okay, so U.S. military recruitment is growing more and more difficult even as freedom and democracy march to successfully squelch the insurgency in Iraq. And meanwhile (back at the ranch) the Chimpwit is going around exploiting kissing former blastocysts in an effort to rouse support for his new no embryo left behind program. Now, generally, I find Miss Molly not only highly entertaining but also insightful. However, in her last column Ms. Ivins admits that she doesn't get "the disconnect in Bush's mind" as he catapults the propaganda (a euphemism for hurling the bullshit) about his refusal to support "the use of federal dollars to destroy life" when it comes to the waste of a homeless embryo but thinks nothing of the death and destruction in Iraq. In reality it's not the 'disconnect' she misses but rather the 'connect'. Dubya's "no spare embryo" has nothing to do with his understanding of the in vitro fertilization process (it's science after all and we certainly know something of his limitations in that arena) but rather it relates back to the recruitment difficulties in his great Iraqi adventure. That is, we're going to be in Iraq for quite some time to come and, well, today's blastocyst is tomorrow's recruit. But I digress because this relates only tangentially to the recruitment I was going to write about today.

I really just wanted to pose this question: Don't these silver-spooned buffoons have sufficient numbers of dysfunctional, completely useless offspring of their own without having to recruit additional heirs? Of course, I do realize the importance of knowing, when you have three forks staring up at you, the order in which they should be used. Because, with this informaiton in hand, the life you save could well be your own. 'nough said.


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