Thursday, July 21, 2005

Brownback embarrasses us (again)

The good people at clever peasantry found this sentence(last week), embedded in the first draft of fellow Kansan Senator Sam Brownback's "Human Chimera Prohibition Act." He describes a human chimera, in part, as
a human embryo that consists of cells derived from more than 1 human embryo, fetus, or born individual
Apparently, in order to prevent abortion, Brownback thinks that it's just best if he outlaws procreation all together. As cleversponge points out, aren't all of our parents born individuals?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Human Chimera Prohibition Act."

Man, I love living in The Future (tm)!

Of course, if we were really living in The Future (tm), this act would be used to round up a bunch of angsty, put-upon, mutants with super powers derived from their beast halves.


12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found your site via my site tracker. Very nice. I'm glad you liked the little ditty about Brownback. We at Clever Peasantry are big fans of all things Kansas. We have been all the way out to Dodge (to see a big-ass cattle herd), we have eaten a big-ass pizza in Manhattan, we have been to Happys in Salina, and each year we drive the wonderful Kansas Turnpike to the in-laws in Oklahoma. If I ever need any Kansas blog info, I now know where I'll look first. Good site.


9:45 AM  

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