Friday, July 01, 2005

I get letters

Apparently in his morning self-googling Jonah Goldberg found that I had mentioned him yesterday in this post:
Dear Mr Welch - I don't know who you are, but your post (which someone emailed to me) was odd. Jay Nordlinger never worked at New River media. Ben Wattenberg worked for LBJ and remains a Democrat, albeit a conservative one. I could go on correcting your larger points -- if I get them correctly -- but I don't really see the point.
Let's deal with some of the small stuff first. Admit you were checking up to see if someone had written about you, Jonah. We all do it and I found the Technorati search for "jonah goldberg" on my referrals, connected to an AOL account (which you use) just minutes before you sent me that e-mail. At least be honest about the small things, buddy.

Jay Nordlinger did work at New River media, though as an editorial consultant and not a research assistant as I had stated. You should have remembered that he worked there at least once, as you worked on the same project:

About the Producers

A Third Choice was produced by New River Media
Andrew Walworth, Executive Producer
Amy Smeal and Melissa Mathis, Producers
Dan Kearney, Associate Producer
Rob Schurgin, Supervising Producer
Sharon Sperling, Bill Creed, and Jerry Manley, Post Production
Doug Anderson, Jonah Goldberg, and Scott McLucas, Research Assistants
Martha Bayles, Jay Nordlinger, Steven Rosenstone, and Gil Troy, Editorial Consultants

As for Ben Wattenberg's party affiliation, I concede that I should have called him a "conservative who has hosted three weekly series and numerous documentaries" at PBS and not a "conservative Republican." I stand by the fact that he produces it with the help of a bunch of Cato Institute and AEI hangers-on.

I did ask Jonah why he was so eager to correct me -- some guy who he doesn't know -- when he seemed to be unwilling to correct much larger mistakes in the Mann Report during his few moments on NPR. His response:
I get the sense you don't understand how these things work. NPR gets to decide what questions to ask me and what soundbites to use -- not me.
Wow. That's almost as condescending as when I e-mailed him from Afghanistan with the good news that he could join me in the Army now that the Guard and Reserves had raised their enlistment ages to 39 and he replied "Yawn." Jonah, however, is wrong. I started my first paying journalism job writing for my hometown's weekly newspaper at the age of 13. I worked for a public radio station for three years (the news director of which had been Sam Brownback's best man, by the way) and have been in military public affairs for over 12 years.

My point was that Jonah could have said, "Yeah, if the decision to conduct the survey wasn't stupid, we all at least have to admit that the survey itself was flawed and not worth $14,000 taxpayer dollars." Instead, he made excuses about how Kenneth Tomlinson was just a well-meaning guy and, aw shucks, he don't mean ta hurt nobody.


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Terry, shame on you. I think you might make him cry now.

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