Friday, July 15, 2005

Rove'n, Rove'n, ... Rove'n Up The River

One feels almost obligated to comment on the current Rove/Plame kerfuffle (a conundrum in which the question(s) may not be as fanciful as either the answers provided by the Rove faithful or the speculation by liberals on just what Fitzgerald knows and where he's going with that knowledge/evidence). But I guess I can't get into all the salivation over the possible ramifications for Rove. Or maybe it's that I can't bring myself to believe there will be any. I don't think he'll be going up shit river creek any time soon but, if he does it certainly won't be without a paddle.

What I really don't understand though is the call for him to be fired. To what end? It's not as though the Chimpwit doesn't have any disciples to take care of Karl so his (generally behind the scenes) antics would continue, it's just that he wouldn't be within head-rubbing distance [scroll down] of Dubya and his paycheck would come from another source.

Instead of calling for his firing, they (Dems) should simply state the truth -that they don't expect an administration that lied (okay, they'll euphemistically use misled) to the American people (and the rest of the world) to make a case for an unjustifiable act of aggression to do diddlysquat about one of their own jeopardizing the security of individuals and the nation by 'outing' a CIA agent. [After all, Bush himself outed an al Queda mole jeopardizing more than just our nation's security]. Now, repetition of the truth, that might have an effect - in the realm of public opinion at any rate.

I know, Bush said that if there was a leaker in his administration he wanted to know who it was and he would fire him. I believe this is the only instance in which his lips were moving and he wasn't lying (perhaps the first since his birth). A 'leak', from his perspective, would be information coming out of this administration that they didn't want revealed. Is there anyone who believes Karl's actions meet that critierion or doubts what this administration would do to such a leaker in that case? Didn't think so. On the other hand, maybe they wouldn't so much as fire the leaker as have him publically crucified -the better to satiate their sadistic appetite. We're certainly not lacking examples of that are we. See ... Bush is an honest guy.

The AssChimp was his usual adolescently-arrogant, inappropriately-grinning self when he proclaimed that this is a serious investigation and we have to refrain from pre-judging little ol' Karl in the media. The question is, was that a Karl's covered his 'deniability' tracks and ain't nothing going to happen but hey, it takes the heat off of me for awhile grin or was it a scared-shitless I don't know nearly enough about this Fitzgerald guy grin?

Maybe Miller, Novak and Rove were a complicit trio in the outing of Plame. One thing's fairly certain -dame Judy ain't coolin' her heels for anyone's ass but her own. But whatever does or doesn't happen to these three, rests on the performance of Patrick Fitzgerald. We can only hope he really is a prosecutorial machine. But, as long as we're fantasizing about outcomes ...

So, before the Less Than Great Iraqi Misadventure, the administration was criticizing the CIA for downplaying Saddam's capability/threat. After the fact, they had the CIA take the fall for botched intelligence. They also outed a CIA agent who was the wife of someone who was making it very clear who was misusing intelligence ... payback's a bitch ... they're all goin' down -traitors one and all!

In my fantasy, the CIA is just biding time, getting everything set to spring the biggest m-effin' rat trap our country has ever seen. They've been collecting evidence/intelligence for which there is no need to inflate. Irrefutable evidence of stolen elections (2000, 2002 and 2004), pre-meditated manipulation of existing pre-war intelligence and creation of additional evidence/intelligence, illegal arrest, detention and abuse of terrorist supsects and other abuses of power (we'll also find out all about Dick's little energy commission too). This investigation is well-funded (you know all that cash the CPA couldn't account for - yep, CIA). The real beauty part - it'll take care of all of them from Bush to Hastert (I don't know who falls in line after Sec. of State but you know Condi's indicted as well). And, if one could make a case that they could be charged under a provision of the Patriot Act maybe they could all be sent for a little vacation to Gitmo sans lawyers. Ouch ... shit, what'd you have to wake me up for?

Of course, impeachment will never happen. Our forefathers anticipated much but not the level of partisan depravity that currently has hold in the House or they never would have decreed that body was to determine what constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors.


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