Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stuff to see

Over at Salon, Aaron Kinney points out that Christopher Hitchens has finally lost it. The man's bending over backwards for the Bushies so far these days that the back of his head smells like testicles.

Kos tells us about Jerry Falwell receiving a press exemption from the FEC. Can someone look into whether or not the "Old Time Gospel Hour" is considered a tax-exempt church entity? (And let's not forget Paul McLeary, who says that "campaign finance laws are there for a reason, and it's a little presumptuous of bloggers to hold themselves above the system." Let's see if he next chastises Falwell.)

Some conservative bloggers are saying that Howard Dean called Republicans bigots. Here's the story:
Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean told the National Council of La Raza in Philadelphia today that he expected the Republicans to "scapegoat" immigrants in the 2006 election.

In a speech to the annual convention of hispanic leaders, Dean said the GOP tried to generate fears about blacks through the quota issue in the 2002 election and about gays through the marriage issue last year.

"In 2006, it's going to be immigrants," he said. "You wait and see."

Republican chairman Kenneth Mehlman, in his own address to the group, did not respond to Dean's comments directly. He later told reporters that the allegation was "laughable" and said that President Bush had put together what Mehlman called "the most diverse administration in history."
So A) Dean never said Republicans were bigots; and B) this is the same Ken Mehlman that recently admitted Republicans scapegoated blacks for political gains in the south. "Sure, we used to use race-baiting as a strategy, but not now!

World O'Crap reaches 2 million hits.

I felt dirty after looking at this.


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