Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror in London

They are now reporting at least 41 fatalities from terrorist bombings in London. We don't have to worry here though as Bush assures us from across the pond that he didn't recieve a PDB with any specific terror threat against the US but just in case, Chertoff is reportedly about to have a news conference announcing the raising of the terror alert for mass transit. Bush reminds all we will hunt down these terrorists. And, of course we have the helpful right. Terry already mentioned Gibson's asininity but we shouldn't overlook Podhertz who wants to use Blair's initial "shellshocked" response to this attack in defense of Bush's inability to extricate himself from a group of 6-year-olds on 9/11. [via So It May Secretly Begin] Check out Juan for the possible implications of this attack. It's a sad day and our hearts go out to all Britons.


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