Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That could be the problem right there

Santorum, who's looking bad in the polls right now, continues to dig:
Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, refused yesterday to back off on his earlier statements connecting Boston's "liberalism" with the Roman Catholic Church pedophile scandal, saying that the city's ''sexual license" and "sexual freedom" nurtured an environment where sexual abuse would occur.

"The basic liberal attitude in that area . . . has an impact on people's behavior," Santorum said in an interview yesterday at the Capitol.

"If you have a world view that I'm describing [about Boston] . . . that affirms alternative views of sexuality, that can lead to a lot of people taking it the wrong way," Santorum said.

Santorum, a leader among Christian conservatives, was responding to questions about remarks he made three years ago on a website called Catholic Online. In those comments, Santorum said, "It is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm" of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.
Of course you should read the whole article, but, suffice it to say, there are a few Bostonians who disagree with Ricky. One is Representative Martin T. Meehan, who said, "There's not much you can say about someone who claims to have read the Bible cover to cover and came away from it thinking it encourages hatred for fellow human beings."

Problem is, though, that Santorum admits that he's not much of a Bible reader. In his fawning profile of Santorum for the New York Times Magazine, Michael Sokolove writes:
Santorum is not a reader of Scripture -- "I've never read the Bible cover to cover; maybe I should have" -- and has no passages he clings to when seeking spiritual guidance. "I'm a Catholic, so I'm not a biblical scholar. I'm not someone who has verses he can pop out. That's not how I interact with the faith." - "The Believer", May 22, 2005
While I won't take the bait and, as a Catholic myself, get too pissed about Santorum's suggestion that Catholics, in particular, aren't biblically knowledgeable, his statements here show the main problem with Santorum. The man just doesn't care to actually investigate anything for himself before spouting off about it. The article goes on to show how Santorum prefers his Biblical knowledge to trickle-down through the writings of others. The man is, at best, intellectually incurious, and, at worst, he's just an idiot.

The worst-case scenario would seem to explain so much.


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