Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ben Shapiro gets smacked by a fellow righty

I know almost nothing about Vox Day except he's another conservative who's managed to wrangle some money out of the Republican Noise Machine as a writer at WorldNetDaily. He and I do agree on one thing, though. Ben Shapiro ought to be in uniform.
It is entirely possible that my WND colleague has a perfectly good reason for not serving his country in its moment of need. For all I know, he may have a weak heart, a wooden leg, a predilection for San Francisco bathhouse sex or some other condition that prevents him from joining the military. But devoting two columns to criticizing a single word strikes me as a lady protesting a bit too much...

The America Bar Association already boasts more than 896,000 lawyers, America has no desperate need for another one. The U.S. Army, on the other hand, is currently 8,000 men short of its 2005 recruiting goals. I am only one of many non-pacifist, non-leftist Americans who believe that Mr. Shapiro would do well to heed his own words of Aug. 26, 2004. "Now's the time: Either put up, or shut the hell up."
Very nicely done. You should read the whole thing before Vox goes back to talking about things like how women aren't cut out to be leaders, because that... Wha...?

Damn. Too late.


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