Monday, August 01, 2005

It's Not The Speed ...

It's the sudden stop. Okay, so Mr. CJ and I have Hondas and short of adding rocket propulsion, I don't think we could get them up to 155 mph. [via So It May Secretly Begin]

Not that I've ever tried mind you, I'm more of a cruiser. I only take the freeway when I have to. Give me the nice curvy mountain roads with no traffic and I'm perfectly happy under 50 mph.

Even more content now after a scare I had a couple of summer's ago. We were on our favorite local mountain circuit and I was in the lead (as usual on curvy runs as Mr. CJ has the annoying habit of slowing in the turns - as opposed to before the curve and then speeding through) when my rear tire hit a small patch of oil and slid out.

It all happened so fast (and I was probably only doing about 45 mph), my heart was racing as I slowed and stopped on the side of the road. Mr. CJ said, "How in the hell did you get out of that?" I replied, "I have no bleeping idea". In a split-second I did whatever I had to do but it's not like steering into a skid in a car - you only have two wheels for chrissakes. I can only say, I appreciated this at the time I took it; it was definitely time and money well spent. Who knows, the life you save could be your own - training, instinct or perhaps trained instinct - at the time all that was between me and a mighty long drop. But then, it's not the drop ...


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