Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Peace Rally in Boise

There was a reasonable turnout of about 300 or so people for the Peace Rally this evening (Yeah, I know, Salt Lake kicked our butt -what's up with that Mayor Beiter?).

In fairness, the protest is tomorrow when Bushovic will be addressing yet another pre-screened friendly crowd in nearby Nampa (provided he didn't hurt his little self on his mountain bike while gettin' on with his life today in Donnelly).

Surprisingly, he did make a brief appearance at the Peace Rally this evening and was arrested on a warrant for war crimes and other crimes against humanity (us and our constitution).

There were several speakers including spouses and parents of men serving in Iraq as well as veterans from Korea and Vietnam. The most poignant moments came when an incredibly composed, newly widowed, 27-year old (with her 6-month old son planted on her hip)
told of how her husband had wanted to serve after 9/11.

She spoke of his transformation after he and his friends came to wonder why they were in Iraq. He was a Navy Corpsman who, along with 13 marines, died when his helicopter was shot down last January.

She spoke of how he told her of his plans to speak out about the war when he returned. He saw his little son once, by video phone, when he was only 12 days old - the son he'll never come to know. When she last spoke to him, he said the worst was over for him and he'd be seeing them in three weeks. That was one day before the knock on her door.

She now feels compelled to speak out against the war in Iraq for her soulmate who can no longer speak for himself - she traveled from California to do so tonight. She said she will not lie to her son about this war as George Bush has lied to the American people. She will tell her son the truth - his daddy died for a lie, in an illegal and unjust war.

The rally ended with the passing of the collection jug for the Idaho Peace Coalition, that sponsored this event as well as tomorrow's protest (which I will not be able to attend), while we were serenaded as only those in Idaho can be - by Peace Potatoes.

On an additional positive note, the local (extremely partisan) rag posed a question last week asking readers to write in about the one thing they would like Bush to do for Idaho. The responses (to everyone's amazement) were overwhelmingly anti-Bush. Many suggesting that resigning and taking Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice with him would be a nice first step. You have to live here to understand how unbelievable this is. Do you think we'll see 30 by the 30th?


Blogger Jeff Huber said...


I think we'll see something by the 30th of October when Fitzgerald starts passing out indictments.

Commander Jeff Huber, US Navy (Retired)

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