Monday, August 22, 2005

Something in the Air

It's not uncommon in summers here in the semi-arid banana belt, where everything wears more than a light coat of windblown sand, for dusty to be the predominant scent. As a respite my nose and I occasionally escape to higher elevations because sometimes you just need to smell pine.

This summer (the seventh in a drought) with significantly more 100+-degree days than usual and numerous dry-lightening-induced fires (with 8 large fires currently burning) we can add smoky to the almost daily assault on our eyes and nasal passages.

But this afternoon, an indescribable stench filled the air. This explains it.

To be sure, there's ass-kissin' aplenty (after all, Idaho is to red as George is to ass) but the local news reported over 200 protesters up in Donnelly which is a mighty fine showin' - of course AssChimp won't see them but what's new.

There are rallys scheduled in Boise tomorrow (though the pReznit will still be gettin' on with his life up at a new resort a couple of hours northwest of here) - I'll try and get some pics and report on the turnout.


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