Thursday, September 01, 2005


I hadn't heard about the Pharmacists for Life International until I read this excellent Op-Ed in todays New York Times:
There is now a growing movement of pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions to which they have moral or religious objections. One such organization is Pharmacists for Life International, which claims to have 1,600 members. Almost always the refused prescriptions are related to birth control. Many women have already met with these refusals. Some have been hectored and humiliated. And some refusals have involved women who have been raped, or whose lives or well-being would be endangered by a pregnancy. At least one lawsuit has already been filed; more are expected.

The pharmacists involved in this movement sometimes cite "business judgment" to justify their refusal to fill particular prescriptions. More often, however, they invoke "conscience." And now they are asking for state laws that not only recognize a right to refusal, but also shield them from lawsuits if that refusal results in harm. (Emphasis Nitpicker's)
Nice. I'll stand by my conscience, but the state needs to protect me from my stand's results. More of "culture of responsibility" of the Christian Right.

So I wanted to see what sort of Christian idealist these PFLI guys really are. Just so you know, they're really classy.

The headline for the story about Susan Wood, who left the FDA over the Plan B issue reads: "Die hard pro-abort feminazi quits FDA over Plan B delay."

A caption under the photo of a pharmacist suing Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (who required them to fill birth control prescriptions reads: "Luke Vander Bleek is one of 6 pharmacists suing Hiz Honor "Slobodan" Blagojevich over his unconstitutional "forced fill" rule on abortion drugs." Blagojevich is the son of Serbian immigrants and, as a congressman, was instrumental in securing the release of three American soldiers from Slobodan Milosevic's thugs in 1999.

There's more, but I feel like I need a shower already.


Anonymous Jim said...

My wife's response has been "If your religious beliefs prevent you from doing the job, *don't become a pharmacist!*"

I suggested that I could develop the religious belief that, rather than being a useless vestige of our evolutionary past, the human appendix is *actually* the seat of the soul. Thus, an appendectomy kills the victim/patient, even if their body survives.

I would then go to Med School and become an ER doctor, but would turn away those with apendicitis, invoking my "conscience" as justification.

My wife talked me out of it.

(WARNING: Elements of the above may be fictional!)

8:36 AM  

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