Thursday, September 22, 2005


Is Bush drinking again as some say? Who knows? But he certainly seems a little out of it lately. From the White House web site.
As you might remember, we had equipment that was -- had to come across the land to fight through the storm to get there. This time we're going to be able to bring some assets around behind it, which I -- will help get people -- get some rescue missions there as quickly as possible.

But I think the biggest difference is people are aware of the danger of these storms, and people are responding at all levels of government.

Q Mr. President --

THE PRESIDENT: Hold on for a minute, please. Toby. I'll get you in a minute. You seem anxious to ask a question.

Q I am, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, well, just take your time.
From the pool report (via Wonkette)
Bush et al remained grim-faced when CNN producer Paul Courson shouted out: "Mr. President!" at the conclusion of Bush's remarks. "I'll get you in a minute. You seem anxious to ask a question," Bush said. They were even less amused when Courson chimed in at a lull: "I'll follow up ..." Cheney broke his "at ease" stance and shot a glance toward the White House staffers that was, wisely, not returned.

But all were amused when the president searched for Bianca -- Bianca Davie of Bloomberg News. "Bianca. Nobody named Bianca? Well, sorry Bianca's not here. I'll be glad to answer her question." Cheney was re-amused when Bush said: "Just trying to spread around the joy of asking a question."

Most smiled again when Bush said to a Fox producer: "Are you Bianca?" "No, I'm not. Anita -- Fox News."... "Okay. I was looking for Bianca. I'm sorry."
Good Lord.

Then again, he's always been a little bit, um, off when it comes to reporters' names. If only these reporters would just go in the order that they are assigned by the press secretary like good boys and girls.
PRESIDENT BUSH: The question is on drug certification and really about our relations with President (of Mexico Vicente) Fox. I trust your President. He's the kind of man you can look in the eye and know he's shooting straight with you. I appreciate the fact that he was a one-time governor. I've got kind of partiality to governors...

Jim -- Steve, sorry. You are? (Laughter.) We've got you out of order -- I know you're Steve. Stefan, hombre muy bueno.
First, Esteban is Spanish for Steven and; second, what the hell does "Steve, man very good" mean?

You see, the problem isn't (I don't think) his drinking habits, but that he likes it when "spontaneous" press conferences go exactly as planned. Remember when he warned Saddam?
The Bush press conference to me was like a mini-Alamo for American journalism, a final announcement that the press no longer performs anything akin to a real function. Particularly revolting was the spectacle of the cream of the national press corps submitting politely to the indignity of obviously pre-approved questions, with Bush not even bothering to conceal that the affair was scripted.

Abandoning the time-honored pretense of spontaneity, Bush chose the order of questioners not by scanning the room and picking out raised hands, but by looking down and reading from a predetermined list. Reporters, nonetheless, raised their hands in between questions–as though hoping to suddenly catch the president’s attention.

In other words, not only were reporters going out of their way to make sure their softballs were pre-approved, but they even went so far as to act on Bush’s behalf, raising their hands and jockeying in their seats in order to better give the appearance of a spontaneous news conference.

Even Bush couldn’t ignore the absurdity of it all. In a remarkable exchange that somehow managed to avoid being commented upon in news accounts the next day, Bush chided CNN political correspondent John King when the latter overacted his part, too enthusiastically waving his hand when it apparently was, according to the script, his turn anyway.

KING: "Mr. President."

BUSH: "We’ll be there in a minute. King, John King. This is a scripted..."

A ripple of nervous laughter shot through the East Room.
And it's gotten no better since then. Hey press, you might as well all change your names to Toby since Bush fucking owns you.


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Hmmm, how does that quote go?

"Never blame on Molson's what may more easily be explained through stupidity."


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