Sunday, September 04, 2005

Let them eat pork (barrel spending) flashback

A couple of days ago, Nitpicker pointed out a story about the pork barrel spending in the recent Highway bill that was vastly more than the few million asked for to shore up New Orleans' levees. Rep. Don Young was part of getting $231 million for a bridge to a small, uninhabited island in Alaska.

Look at this story from FoxNews, published just a few days before Hurricane Katrina hit:
Consider that highway bill. The bill calls for nearly half a billion dollars to build two bridges in Alaska. One will connect the Alaskan mainland with a tiny island called Gravina (population: 50). It will cost U.S. taxpayers $230 million. In fact, when it comes to pork barrel politics, Alaska is the new West Virginia. That's because Alaska Rep. Don Young chairs the transportation committee. The transportation bill is named after Young's wife. The second bridge the bill appropriates money for — another $230 million — will be called "Don Young Way."

[Snipped egregious FoxNews "Robert Byrd's an asshole" slur.]

You'd think that a Republican like Young would at least be embarrassed about all of this. He isn't. He's shameless. Upon hearing that only one other lawmaker in the entire Congress had outdone him in securing pork barrel projects, Young told the New York Times, "I'd like to be a little oinker, myself. If he's the chief porker, I'm upset."


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