Friday, September 23, 2005

Mark Kirk comes clean

For those of you who don't remember, just before the end of election in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, Paul Hackett's opponent, Jean Schmidt, issued a press release calling Hackett a liar for claiming he'd be the only Iraqi Freedom veteran in the House. Nitpicker pointed out that though Mark Kirk was claiming on his website to be "the only member of Congress to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom," he did not meet the military's requirements to be considered an OIF veteran. His election website was more honest, though, saying he was the only member of congress to "serve stateside during" OIF.

I called his office numerous times and got no response. We called the Navy's Office of Information, which told us what we already knew, "Someone would have had to serve in Iraq to have served in Iraqi Freedom."

Sometime since we pointed this out, Kirk tacitly admitted that Nitpicker was correct. His House website now matches his election site.

Click the picture above for a screenshot of the new version. Here's a screenshot of the old version.

I appreciate Mark Kirk's service. I also appreciate him making the correction, but I feel that he did it in a very sneaky, dishonest way. I still think he should have apologized.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Jeff Huber said...

Yes, he should have.

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