Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Bush takes two direct hits from the WaPo today.

First, William Arkin:
Michael Brown Was Set Up: It's All in the Numbers

It's so easy to blame Michael Brown, but he got his marching orders from someone else. Weapons of mass destruction, not waves of mass destruction, are the president's priorities. Want to get on the White House Varsity team. Get with the program.

The same obsession that led the Bush administration to see weapons of mass destruction and terrorism in every tea leaf and go to war in Iraq now guides the entire federal government disaster response effort.

How do I prove the point? I've got the goods.
And he does. Go read the whole thing.

Then Dan Froomkin asks the question that, if asked to Bush's face, would push the man over the edge:
Sir, you've said countless times that you don't govern based on the polls. But can you explain the polls? You are not a popular president anymore. How do you think that happened?
Daaaaaayamn. That's good.


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