Thursday, September 01, 2005

Too lazy to leave?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News talks about looters and tells us that the welfare queens were just too lazy to leave New Orleans and they should suffer for it.
Besides, what's the difference between: "Gee, I decided to stay in town after I was told to evacuate and I'm hungry" and "Gee, I didn't want to get a job and I'm hungry"? In either case, it's hunger caused by your own irresponsibility. It's nice, it's charitable to help people out in either situation, but in neither case does the fact that a person is hungry give them the right to just take whatever they want.
Decided to stay?

Fucking asshole!

Look, I don't condone people carrying off televisons and stereos, but I've seen a bunch of people on TV taking diapers and food and none of them were wearing outfits from the North Face wet weather line as they waded through chest-deep water to get it.

To suggest that these people just "decided to stay" is just another example of right wing blindness to the needs of the poor. There was a time in my life when I was a single dad and student, recently divorced and discharged from the Navy. I had nothing in savings but was lucky enough to have been given my parents' old car, so there was that. If, say, I didn't have family nearby (which I did) and someone had come to me and said, "You've got to get the hell out Dodge," I would have been completely screwed. Now look at the much worse off poor of New Orleans and Mississippi, many who owned no cars or had any savings to sustain themselves.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered evacuation of the Crescent City less than 24 hours before the Category 5 storm was expected to hit.

Nagin's order came moments after President George W. Bush told Gov. Kathleen Blanco that he wanted everyone to get out of New Orleans, if possible...

Nagin acknowledged that many New Orleans residents, particularly the many poor people who live in housing projects, couldn't leave the city. Others wouldn't.
To suggest that the people digging through stores for canned good just stuck around because they wanted to is to show yourself for the elitist prick you are. Good job, John.

Update: Now blaming the poor is official Department of Homeland Security policy.

Update: Check out this photo and caption from The Washington Post's photo slide show. The caption reads: "People who had resisted early evacuation orders, including many elderly and infirmed, lined up on highways and perched on islands of dry ground waiting for help." Either the Post or AP photographer Smiley N. Pool should be ashamed.

Update: Motherfuckers.


Anonymous Jim said...

Yes, we are governed by motherfuckers. If you don't earn enough to have benefited greatly from the tax cuts, you deserve what you get.

When we got our "tax rebate" in '01, the wife & I gave it to the Red Cross, figuring it would help offset some of the cuts in aid programs the Bushies were putting in place.

Maybe, if we are lucky, more Americans will begin to see that the emperor has no clothes. If not, our nation is in for a rough 3 years.

7:39 PM  

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