Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why can't conservatives get Google?

It would make them look, well, a little less stupid.

Today on the Sean Hannity show, Clinton-hater and toesucker Dick Morris claimed that, when he left office, Bill Clinton was at the "nadir" of his approval. According to Dick Morris (and many righty blogs), Bush, by allowing Clinton to help out with Katrina and Tsunami relief, had "rehabilitated" Clinton's image.

However, when Clinton left office he was not only getting high approval ratings, but had the highest approval ratings of any modern president at the end of their time in office.
End-of Presidency Job Approval Ratings
Bill Clinton (2001) 65%
Ronald Reagan (1989) 64
Dwight Eisenhower (1961) 59
John F. Kennedy (1963) 63
George Bush (1993) 56
Gerald Ford (1977) 53
Lyndon Johnson (1969) 49
Jimmy Carter (1981) 34
Richard Nixon (1974) 24
As a matter of fact, Clinton was still pulling a 62% approval rating last year, before the Tsunami ever hit.

If anyone might be able to expect an approval rating "contact high" from a Bush/Clinton partnership, it would be a Bush -- either one.

Morris went on to predict Dubya's approval rating would take a big jump in the next couple of polls. If it doesn't, will he admit he's a hack and go away?


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