Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Are Kansans getting tired of crazy?

The switch is on. A long-time Republican in Kansas has switched parties to run for Attorney General.
Johnson County district attorney Paul Morrison made it official this morning: He will challenge incumbent Phill Kline for Kansas attorney general next year.

And he’ll do it as a Democrat.

Morrison made the announcement on the steps of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe. Other press conferences were scheduled today in Wichita, Topeka and Pittsburg.

Although never mentioning Kline by name, Morrison said it was time to put the office of attorney general in the hands of a prosecutor and not a politician.

“As attorney general, I’ll insist we get that office back to the basics: safety, security, and the kind of independent approach Kansans ought to be able to expect from the state’s chief law enforcement officer,” said Morrison, who previously has been affiliated with the Republican Party...

Asked about his switch from a Republican to a Democrat, Morrison said there wasn’t a Democratic or Republican way to prosecute a case and said he would take a bipartisan approach to running the office.

“This is a deeply personal decision for me that has been a long time in the making,” he said. “In fact, this decision to do this is something I’ve been pondering well in excess of a year.”

Morrison said he believed the focus of the Democratic Party in Kansas was better on the issue of public safety “and I feel most comfortable with it.”
Have "moderate" or "mainstream" Republicans in Kansas finally realized that the Republican Party no longer represents their values? Are they sick of IOKIYAR non-investigations and backdoor attacks on choice? Could this be the beginning of a flood of party defections as when, in the 1960s, racist Democrats like Helms and Thurmond realized that the Republican party had become the party for them? We'll see.


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