Thursday, October 13, 2005

As long as you're here

You should say "hi" to Jim at anti-failure. He's a new blogger and a frequent commenter here.

May I also recommend N. Mallory who writes The Naked Truth? Sometimes she writes like she's debating herself openly and, what's worse, in the open. Love the honesty.

Also, though you probably read them already, I recommend checking out Cosmic Variance, a group blog of physicists who, since there are five of them, are 5 x 109 times smarter than me.


Blogger Jim said...


Many thanks for the pointer! Of course, it came just as life had crashed down upon me, and I am only now getting back up to speed.

And thank you for your efforts here at Nitpicker. Your views (as a reservist, as one who was deployed in Afghanistan, and as one who has an insiders understanding of how our militiary interacts with the media) are deeply appreciated, and your insistence on setting forth the primary sources (or the actual rules and regs) is refreshing, to say the least!


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