Thursday, October 13, 2005


Wolcott catches Jonah Goldberg in a funny one. Goldberg basically wants some people to talk to him about Herbert Spencer so that he doesn't have to read all those darn books on philosophy and things. They're such a bummer.

What makes me really embarrassed for Jonah is that he's not embarrassed to do this sort of thing. I don't blame people for getting some things wrong on, say, a blog, as long as they correct their errors, but you'd think that he'd want to do some real research for his book.

(Jonah, in fact, once called me on an error, which I corrected. He did get a bit personal, however, saying that, in talking about interviews, I "don't understand how these things work.")

I'll admit that, having not grown up in family that lived in a Republican suburb two miles south of Saneville and, therefore, lacking the proper familial connections to get me a cushy-ass gig in a conservative pod-person farm like the National Review, there are also some things I probably don't understand about how a guy like Jonah would get a book deal in the first place. However, one would hope that even the most "forgiving" and/or retarded of publishers would expect that their authors actually, you know, do some fucking research. How about looking through some journal articles and tracking down their authors? Is it that hard?


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