Monday, October 17, 2005

Chickenhawks meet Chickengays?

Finally, a Republican makes a call for sacrifice (link via Andrew Sullivan), but, um, it's not what you think.
During this moment in the culture war, we face a fight that will determine how LGBT Americans are treated for decades to come. Those who choose to be missing in action are running from the most critical fight of our generation. During these historic times, the closet is not only a place which suffocates personal dignity, it is also a place which suffocates the powerful force of personal integrity that can change the hearts and minds of even the most conservative Americans and most conservative politicians. Coming out doesn't have to mean putting a sticker on your car, flying a rainbow flag from your front porch, or marching in a parade. Coming out means different things to different people. It may be as simple as putting a picture of your partner on your desk at work, sharing your personal story with your boss, or speaking up when someone says something anti-gay. For others, it may be as difficult as offering a letter of resignation instead of implementing or assisting with an anti-gay campaign strategy.

For many conservatives, coming out will come with real and profound sacrifice.
So, I await the answer to Patrick Guerriero's call for openness. Will these Republicans stand up and take on a calling that really is greater than themselves--the fight for equality for all Americans or will they continue to shamefully serve in the fight for their own oppression?

We've already seen that there are plenty of Republicans who feel that others will fight their battles for them. Will these men and women, as Andrew Sullivan says, continue to fail "to do what is simply right at a time when so many in the GOP are intent on doing wrong"?

Time will tell.


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