Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dear Lou

My letter to Lou Dobbs.
Mr. Dobbs,

You have complained repeatedly that the Plame leak investigation has taken too long--"twice as long as Watergate," you like to say. Now, while I don't remember you complaining about the length of the Whitewater investigation, I'll grant you that this investigation has gone on too long.

However, one of the reasons Congress spent so little time on Watergate was because they didn't have to find all of the information themselves. Back then there were these things called "journalists" who, rather than arguing that corruption investigations were taking too long or complaining that the prosecutor was irrational, actually investigated things themselves. That way, the evidence was all there for Congresspersons to use as they made their decisions. Back then, these "journalists" were called "the Fourth Estate," and considered as important to our society as politicians. I wish we still had some of them.

But they may not all be gone. Today the New York Daily News is reporting that President Bush has probably known who the leakers were for two years. If you are concerned with the length of time this investigation has taken, I hope you make it clear that the American people don't appreciate the time or money spent investigating an issue that the president could have cleared up long ago. Nor do we appreciate the fact that he lied about not knowing who leaked the information.

Have a great day, Lou.

Yours truly,



Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

What? No complaints about how long the the war made possible by the treason which inspired the investigation has gone on?

12:38 PM  

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