Monday, October 31, 2005

Fifteen years

How can George Will look at himself in the mirror without weeping at the waste his mind has become? Check it:
(B)ecause of the glittering credentials that earned Alito unanimous Senate confirmation to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, those Democrats who are determined to oppose him are unhappily required to make one of two intellectually disreputable arguments.
Will gives two possible arguments:
  • Conservatism used to be respectable but, now, isn't.

  • Alito isn't Sandra Day O'Connor.
Only two arguments, George? Really?

How about this one: 15 years ago, no one knew just how much of a right-wing nutjob he was! Now, of course, we do.

Here's something Will could compare this to: George, I'm guessing, promised an eternal commitment to his wife Madeleine when they were married in 1967. She, I'm sure, also promised to have and to hold and to serve as his shield against getting drafted for the Vietnam War. But, roughly 20 years and three children later, their marriage was being described as "off again, on again" by the Washingtonian and suddenly poor Georgie's shit gets dumped on the lawn, topped with a sign reading "Take it somewhere else, buster." I honestly believe that the Wills not only intended to stay together forever, but actually believed that they would.

Being charitable, I would say that George and Madeleine each figured out they had misjudged their partner. Madeleine probably didn't think she was marrying a man who would have a "romance" with Lally Weymouth (if that is her real name). George probably realized that Madeleine, unlike his second wife, wasn't 13 years younger than him. Shucks, we all get fooled.

So there may have been a similar slowly dawning realization among Democrats that they'd promised a life-long commitment to the wrong man. Unfortunately, the constitution does not allow for a judicial divorce.

Additionally, there's the possibility that maybe Alito has changed. You see, regardless of the judicial philosophy Alito began with, it was, again, 15-freaking-years ago!

Remember this: 15 years ago Dubya was still embarrassing his dad in front of reporters, misusing secret information and dreaming up a huge, ethically questionable, possibly illegal land grab.

OK, maybe he's a bad example, but most people don't stay the same for 15 years.

In ten years, in fact, George Will's opinion of judicial filibusters turned 180 degrees.

I do have to give Will some credit. When it comes to "intellectually disreputable arguments," he's the undisputed expert.


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