Friday, October 14, 2005

Having a stroke

An e-mail alerted me to this discussion of my biography. "Stroke" wrote:
If you look him up, you will find that the author served in the Navy for 5 1/2 years aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. As of November 1997, he was a student at Kansas State University. Through 2000, he remained a student and it appears that he graduated from KSU.

I am not aware of any program in any of the services where you remain on Active Duty the entire time you are in college. I am aware of a few programs that allow you to finish your degree as a full time student but not 4 full years.

If you do the constructive time of his service by reading his articles, you come up with 13 years of service...but only 5 1/2 of active duty. Even if he came back in and is serving somewhere (not the Navy..looked that up too), he still could not have 13 years of active duty.

Sorry, 20 years active duty here. Day for day. So I take those claims seriously.

God I love being able to verify shit!

BY THE WAY...since HH stood him up as a "13 year veteran" which is now proven false...What in tarnation gives HIM credibility over me? I did my 20, retired and still serve! I even serve at sea still training the active duty guys! Is he more credible because HE agrees with your point of view?
He goes on, but that's really enough.

First, let me say that I didn't serve for 5.5 years on the Lincoln, but actually spent 2.5 years in Iceland.

I've never said that I did 13 years of active duty, but I have done 13 years total service. Since leaving active duty in 1997, I've been in the reserves and guard and my LES says so. During that time, I've been deployed thrice--to Bosnia, Guatemala (for Hurricane Mitch) and Afghanistan. Technically, "Stroke" could be considered correct in that I continue to serve in the Guard to this day and the definition of a "veteran," according to Merriam-Webster is a "a former member of the armed forces."

I'm curious, though. If "Stroke" feels that reserve service does not a veteran make, then does he not know that Guardsmen and reservists can also retire when they've gotten "their 20"? Does he agree or disagree with CBS News' Jarrett Murphy who wrote that "It is a fact that Mr. Bush is a veteran: He was honorably discharged." Bush, after all, only served in the Guard. Is he not a veteran?

(And, by the way, I'll go you one further. Not only am I a veteran from a family of veterans dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War, but Mrs. Nitpicker decided two years ago that her career as a graphic designer was unfulfilling and went back to school to become a nurse. She will attend OIS in January and put her skills to work as an Ensign in the Navy. We believe in service.)

I would say, though, that the only argument I made in the post which so offended "Stroke" was that the military should not be misused as a political entity. I actually thought we should all be able to agree on that, regardless of party. If Stroke has an argument to the contrary, I would love to hear it.

As to the validity of the letter itself, I said (and continue to say) that "In the end, I can't say whether the document is real or not, but neither can any of the conservative bloggers who will trumpet this as an excuse to 'stay the course.'"


Blogger Stroke said...


I (Stroke), never said you were not a Veteran. However, you do say in the article I read "As a 13-year veteran of the armed forces..." which would lead a reader to believe that you either served 13 years day for day or are currently on your 13th year. In reality, you have not got day for day service totalling 13 years, do you?

THAT was my chief arguement. Where do i say in my article on the message board I was writing on anything about your viewpoints? You are once again misleading your readers....I was just challenging your claim to be a 13 year veteran. Additionally, family service is commendable. My grandfather is entombed on the Arizona.

Thanks for the opportunity to reply!


4:38 PM  
Blogger Nitpicker said...


I appreciate your taking the time to discuss it. I did not intend to mislead my readers, as I have told them all along that I'm a Guardsmen, so, if they took my claim as a 13 year veteran as saying that I was active duty for 13 years I, well, I don't apologize, but I will say again that's not what I intended to convey.

Rock on, brother. "There ain't no good guys," etc. You're always welcome to come call me an idiot when you want.

5:14 PM  

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