Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's all good if you say it's wrong

You must watch this amazing discussion about Bill Bennett's comments between the panel on Fox News Sunday. This is from near the end.
BRIT HUME: If his words have power, then the words that he spoke about what a reprehensible thing this would do ought to have power to and should not be shut out of this discussion as if he had never said them. What the critics of him are doing is they're taking the hypothetical that he set up and condemned and denounced as if he had never condemned it. He did condemn it and those words should have power too.

JUAN WILLIAMS: I think what you're misunderstanding is it's the idea that he gave voice to this notion. If you were in a Nazi regime and said, "You know, gee, you know, a lot of these Jewish people have businesses and they dominate the academy and therefore, wouldn't it be better..." That's not a good idea, Britt.Not a good idea to give voice to. You can say, "It's my theory" and it's to be defensible as theory, but it has real power in a sociopolitical system.

HUME: It has power but it doesn't have the kind of power you think it does. It has power--

WILLIAMS: Well, as a black person--

HUME: --to be used--

WILLIAMS: --let me tell you, you start talking about going after black people it has power and impact on my life, Britt.

HUME: (Angrily) His saying that it's reprehensible should have power on your life too.

CHRIS WALLACE: Should he apologize?

HUME: (Angrily) Why?!

WALLACE: I just asked the question.
I'm going to take Britt Hume's argument to heart and I hope he'll understand when I say that, if you wanted to clear cable of about 75% of the bullshit spewed into the national debate, you could just fire-bomb Fox News headquarters. You'd probably have to set up a couple firing points outside with a rifle to make sure none of the on-air talent survived.

Of course, that would be morally reprehensible.


Blogger LavaLady said...

Wow. That's just. Wow.

And what a great (although morally abhorrent of course) idea you have.

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