Thursday, October 20, 2005

On radio scandals

Remember when the wingnuts were all atwitter about the "Air America Scandal"? Yes, it turned out to be an Evan Montvel Cohen scandal, as he took money from Boys and Girls Clubs and used it for Air America, but there's no proof that anyone else at AAR knew anything about it.

For weeks the rightwingers were falling all over themselves about how terrible it was that this liberal radio station was hurting children.

Do you think they'll come to the aid of WAVM or do children lose to fundamentalists?
Maynard High School's radio frequency, 91.7 FM, is being seized by a network of Christian broadcasting stations that the Federal Communications Commission has ruled is a better use of the public airwaves.

"People are furious," said faculty adviser Joe Magno.

Maynard High's WAVM, which has been broadcasting from the school for 35 years, found itself in this David vs. Goliath battle when it applied to increase its transmitter signal from 10 to 250 watts.
The station asks everyone to help.
Recently, in an attempt to expand our broadcast signal from 10 watts to 250 watts, WAVM opened the floodgate to challenge our license and take our frequency. "Living Proof," a Christian outreach group is fighting to occupy the 91.7FM frequency. Now WAVM is at extreme risk of losing it's beloved station, which has not only acted as an educational tool for years, but acts a primary entertainment and news source for our small town and its neighbors. 91.FM is a key to the success of our yearly telethon in which we have raised over $500,000 for needy families in the area over 18 years. WAVM is listed with the State as a contact with their Emergency Planning System. Without 91.7FM we lose out on our annual community broadcast week in which town officials and members try their hand at the radio and inform the town of current events. This take over would also end the radio broadcasting of MHS' home football games. 91.7FM has been a part of Maynard High School and Maynard itself for 35 years. Today, over 75 young men and women with their roots in WAVM now work professionally in communications. Take action to help WAVM keep its radio frequency! Letters can be written to:

Peter H. Doyle
Chief, Audio Division
Media Bureau
Federal Communications Commission
Washington D.C. 20554

This issue is already receiving national attention. WAVM has been flooded with emails, letters, and calls all asking how they can help and expressing outrage.
While you're at it, you might want to contact Living Proof Ministries and tell them the Christian thing to do would be to let the high schoolers keep their radio station.
Living Proof Ministries
Post Office Box 840849
Houston, Tx 77284


Blogger Janet B said...

Please note that the Living Ministries in Texas is not the one trying to take over the station. There's another in California (see

10:46 AM  
Blogger Janet B said...

I hope readers will send letters to the FCC at the address you posted. They are due by Nov. 4. There's strength in numbers! As a resident of Maynard, I thank you for the supportive post!


10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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