Friday, October 28, 2005

O'Reilly threatening callers now?

Bill O'Reilly, noted coward (see here and here) now seems to be trying to scare off callers who oppose him. A caller talking about Valerie Plame merely mentioned Media Matters and O'Reilly went ballistic.
You're a nut. Ya know, that's the worst part of this job is the nuts. We should all go to his house, because I can do that. I can get his name and address from the phone records that we record. We should all show up at his house.
We should start a pool as to whether he's going to either retire or go out in a Novak-style profanity-spewing gasket-blowing. His only other option is actually facing his critics, but he's much to much of a pussy to do that. I think he fears someone going cough cough-falafel-cough, which would be followed by an explosion, the likes of which haven't been seen since the opening scene of Scanners.

Update: My commanding officer (in the blogosphere) has already mentioned the issue of O'Reilly's impending "abrupt cranial decompression".


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