Monday, October 24, 2005


I was in Manhattan, Kansas, today, walking across the Kansas State University campus and I came across some warnings written in chalk on the sidewalk. Paraphrasing, they read, "Attention! Graphic anti-abortion photos ahead!" and offered an alternate route to help you avoid looking at the disgusting images. Here's a bit of the story from the K-State paper.
Photographs of aborted fetuses will be on display Monday through Thursday next week.

World Christian Fellowship is bringing the Justice For All Exhibit to three areas of campus: the quad, Bosco Student Plaza and the grassy area west of Hale Library, Addie Lynn, WCF adviser, said.

"It's to bring awareness of abortion," she said. "There won't be any confrontations because the exhibit itself is vivid enough."

Justice For All's mission is "to create debate, change hearts and save lives," according to its Web site.
Now, I know why anti-abortionists use these sorts of images and I find both their methods and the photos themselves disgusting. But, truth be told, the Navy used the same sorts of techniques against me in boot camp, showing my company images of horrible penile wart outbreaks, etc. It's clearly effective. Sailors have never slept around since they started showing films like these in the 1940s.

No. Wait...

Anyway, I think that it's entirely fair for people to face the graphic results of a decision. I don't think it's right to surprise people with it on their way to, say, Comp I, but this is a free country and all.

Which brings me to Iraq. If anti-abortion activists can display the "results" of abortions, then I think it's high time Department of Defense removed the restriction on the publication of the American dead in Iraq. Yes, Photos of coffins are powerful reminders of the cost of war and the even more shocking and (probably) soon to be released Abu Ghraib photos will help people see what's going on (whether O'Reilly thinks our seeing them is "an abuse of freedom" or not), but, if we have to see the results of abortion as we walk around, then why not the bodies (and body parts) of our soldiers? Aren't those deaths the results of this stupid fucking war? If Americans can't handle looking at dead soldiers, they should do what they can to keep them from dying.

P.S. Please, people. I've said before that "I won't argue that the press should necessarily be showing bodies on television or in print." I don't really want pictures of dead soldiers all over, but was simply making the point that the anti-abortion argument is suspect. If I failed to write "wink wink" enough, I apologize.


Blogger Jim said...

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Blogger Jim said...

It seems that there are people who simultaneously believe that:

1) Displaying the photos of coffins carry the remains of people (such as our soldiers killed in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan) is a violation of their privacy.


2) A fetus is a person.

Then where is their outrcry over the violations of privacy inherent in posting photos of aborted fetuses?

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