Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quotes you should have read

Two statements on religion and politics that you might have missed.
"Others have taken the trouble to tell me how disturbed they were to read reports that I had said (in answer to a question at the end of a talk) that I failed to understand how someone could be a Republican and a Christian. What I actually said was that it seemed to me that 'Republican' -- at least in its current usage -- and 'Christian' had become contradictory terms. Of course, I know there are many people who consider themselves to be both (and some of them are even good friends of mine). I am also well aware that historically there have been many Americans who were both good Republicans and good Christians, Abraham Lincoln perhaps most preeminently. But the Republican Party in its current incarnation is racist (racism being the clear premise of its 'Southern strategy,' pursued so singlemindedly since the days of the ineffable Richard Nixon) and the enemy of the poor. To be these things -- to be against the poor and the marginalized -- is, in my reading of the New Testament, to be specifically anti-Christian."
- Historian Thomas Cahill
"You know, to the extent that (Harriet Miers') qualification is she's a devout Christian, I would remind our business friends that the Sermon on the Mount is not necessarily a prescription for corporate judicial policy. And they should be guarded, because she does not have a foundation in constitutional analysis, and her faith may take her to places that corporate America might not like."
- Washington Times editorial page editor Tony Blankley on "The McLaughlin Group," October 14, 2005
What would Supply Side Jesus do?


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