Monday, October 31, 2005

A real American hero

Alito has been nominated! Unleash the hoard of Chickenhawks!
The seventh seal has been broken, the goat entrails point toward gotterdamerung, it's on.
Yep, as long as there's no threat to his income or his sorry ass, Jonah's willing to take up arms to defend his country sit at his keyboard throughout the political apocalypse to come and defend racial discrimination in employment, the strip-searching of ten-year-olds despite limited search warrants and making disability discrimination nearly impossible to prove. (Link.)

Update: I'm sure that Jonah also can't wait to go to the matresses -- (Pillow-top only, please!) -- over the right to discriminate against people with AIDS due to a "fear of contagion whether reasonable or not." He just loves to find reasons to discriminate against people. He speculated (on a "hunch") that sniper John Muhammad might be a homosexual and, therfore, a "threefer": Muslim, black and gay! Oh, what fun it was going to be to bash him now that his killing spree had enlightened Jonah about the queer (?), black Muslim's true deficiencies!

As stated before, though, Jonah must enforce limits on his pledge of defense. While he, of course, couldn't possibly be expected to pledge his life, his fortune or his sacred honor in defense of a cause he supports, it's also important to remember that he can't be made to face people who disagree with him. That's just not fair.

Michael Signorile:
Last week, a producer at Boston’s WBUR, an NPR station–the same NPR accused by the right as being at the forefront of the "liberal media agenda"–was so eager to get in touch with me that she contacted my editors at both New York Press and Newsday with urgent missives, and also sent an email via my website. She was calling from a popular program called "The Connection," hosted by Dick Gordon, and wanted me to participate on a show about same-sex marriage the following day. The other guests would be writer E.J. Graf and National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg...

She called back at 6:30 to inform me that I was "off the hook" for the show: Conservative pundit Goldberg wouldn’t appear with me. The producer noted that she doesn’t usually let a guest "dictate" who the other guests are, but it was late and thus hard to find another conservative. As I wrote in a letter about the incident to Jim Romenesko’s media news page on the Poynter Institute’s site last week, that sounded pretty bogus. Finding a conservative pundit to do a radio program is about as difficult as finding a drag queen at gay pride.


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