Sunday, October 23, 2005

Reality photography

There are some interesting perks to blogging and this is the most unexpected, odd and cool thing this gig has gotten me so far. Jim, who comments here frequently, takes high-speed photographs that would blow your mind and took the pictures below for me. Unlike my Tom DeLay photo from Friday, these photos have not been retouched digitally.



Yeah, that's a bullet cutting the Ace of Diamonds in half. That's cool shit, people.

P.S. Make sure you visit Jim's blog, anti-failure. He's another in a long line of highly-educated people who demonstrate surprisingly bad taste by finding Nitpicker worth reading.


Blogger Jim said...


Glad you like it! Consider the photo a thank you for being the first to point people at my initial attempts at blogging.

Since you got an Ace, I put up a Joker on Anti-Failure.


8:20 PM  

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