Friday, October 14, 2005

We need better background checks

After all, who let these commies in the military
Brigadier General (Ret.) David M. Brahms, USMC
Brigadier General (Ret.) James P. Cullen, USA
Major General (Ret.) John L. Fugh, USA
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Lee F. Gunn
Rear Admiral (Ret.) John D. Hutson
Brigadier General (Ret.) Richard O'Meara
They have to be commies right? Sure, they've got over 180 years of military experience between them, but to argue that the Bush "lacked authority to 'find' that the Third Geneva Convention does not apply to the armed conflict in which (Salim Ahmed Hamdan) was captured" or that the administration suggestion it can "change the rules any time it pleases simply underlines the lawlessness of its procedures" you'd simply have to hate America, right?



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