Friday, October 28, 2005

What will we tell the home-schooled, brainwashed, right-wing, little children?

Everyone forgets that in violating man's law, Scooter Libby is violating God's law as well by lying. As American hero Bill O'Reilly has told us, America is supposedly a Judeo-Christian nation, so shouldn't we be concerned that Libby violated the Eighth Commandment?

It's up to the fine Christians of America to help us make sure that the children of this country aren't scarred by this public official's lying. May I recommend that we turn to Dover, Penn., School Board member Bill Buckingham, who's currently working to get creationism taught in the schools there? A good Christian man like this could help us demonstrate to children how important honesty is to the nation and...

...never mind.

(Hat tip to The Questionable Authority.)


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