Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bobo's bullshit

So Brooks is deceiving the American public? What a shock!

If Byron Calame ( doesn't demand a correction, then he needs to correct his own statements, especially when he bitched about Krugman not correcting "sweeping generalizations" about the Florida presidential recount of 2000. He wrote:
The Times has long been a trailblazer in its commitment to correcting errors. This is no time to let those standards slip - even when well-known critics and columnists are involved.
Read the post linked to above and you will see that Bobo Brooks is, at the very least, making "sweeping generalizations"

David Shipley should also want to correct this.
The people who write for Op-Ed have a responsibility to be forthright and specific in their arguments. There's no room on the page for articles that are opaque or written in code.

What our editors expressly do not do is change a point of view. If you've written an article on why New York's street fairs should be abolished, we will not ask you to change your mind and endorse them. We're going to help you make the best case you can. If you followed this page carefully in the run-up to the Iraq war, for example, you saw arguments both for and against the invasion - all made with equal force.

Editing is a human enterprise. Like writing, it is by nature subjective. Sometimes an editor will think a writer is saying something that she isn't. But our editing process gives writer and editor plenty of time to sort out any misunderstandings before the article goes to press. And if a mistake gets through, we do our best to correct it as quickly as possible.


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