Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Changing the subject

Wolf Blitzer looked horrified last night when Jack Cafferty started to read the e-mails about Harry Reid's move. Thank God for shiny things on which to focus America's attention.
BLITZER: There was a nice, old food fight in the U.S. Senate earlier today.

Jack Cafferty has been going through your e-mail on that issue. It's great to see those guys bickering a little bit like that.

CAFFERTY: I love it. We've got the Libby trial coming up, the DeLay trial coming up. We've got this thing now that Harry Reid and the Democrats started in the Senate. This could be a pretty good fall for us in THE SITUATION ROOM because when they get going down there, that's kind of our bread and butter.

BLITZER: That's good for us, is that what you're saying?

CAFFERTY: Yes, absolutely. I love it. The question we're asking tonight, in addition to the e-mails I'm getting saying, where's Anderson Cooper? The question is, was it wrong for the Democrats to close the Senate today and pull everybody into a closed session?

A lot of responses. Even tonight, another 1,500, maybe 2,000 in the last half hour.

Kelly in Omaha, Nebraska, it's so refreshing to see the Democrats behaving as the opposition party they must be to maintain a transparent democracy. I think it's high time that the majority part or that extreme right-wing that controls the Republicans receive a wake-up call.

If this administration lied and deceived to get us into Iraq, there must be consequences.

Sharon in Bristol, Tennessee, writes, it was absolutely wrong for the Democrats to close the Senate today. It was purely a political ploy, which I think will have tremendous backlash to the party, and rightfully so.

Sherie writes, it's been a long time coming, but better late than never. The citizens of this country have a right to know what's going on up there and if the people who work for us are lying to us.

Gary in Brockport, New York, how could anybody tell if Congress was closed or not? Oh, there were more reporters in the hall than usual. This should have been done long ago, but it's a shame that this is what it takes to get our elected leaders to do the public's business.

Jordan in Austin, Texas, writes, asking such a question is a joke. If you asked 1,000 Americans what the Senate has done lately, probably one or two of them could tell you. Heck, I don't think the senators even know if anything's been accomplished in recent months.

BLITZER: All right, Jack, hold on a second, because Mary Snow is in New York. There they -- these are live pictures of Charles and Camilla.
They stuck with that for a long time, Blitzer eating it up.

"You know, it's always exciting to see Prince Charles and Camilla..."

"There's Donald Trump..."

And, at the very end, with seconds to go, Blitzer comes back to Cafferty, who asks the question of the night.
SNOW: (Y)ou saw the paparazzi taking the pictures, you saw people parked outside. And, a lot of stars coming out to rub elbows with this royal couple. They're going to be going to Washington, San Francisco, and then even later this week, to New Orleans.

BLITZER: And Jack Cafferty, you were not there. You are one of the stars.

CAFFERTY: I'm sorry, excuse me? I was not there, no, I was here.

BLITZER: I know, you're in THE SITUATION ROOM, not with the Prince and Camilla.

CAFFERTY: I have one question. If 80 percent of the public doesn't care about these people, why are we talking about them?

BLITZER: Because 20 percent is still very important, guys.
Does anyone think that Cafferty really doesn't know the answer to that question?


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