Monday, November 28, 2005

Cohen and Confederates

Cohen has a column I mostly agree with. He says that it's too easy to claim you made a "mistake" in authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq. I agree (though there's something to the idea that people trusted Bush when he said that voting thus didn't mean war was "imminent or unavoidable"). I didn't buy it, so there's no reason some senator should have.

You know who still buys all of it, though? Idiots.
In denying that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had n the past and was pursuing a nuclear weapon, or that it had biological and chemical weapons and had used them, Richard Cohen shows that he is under the influence of the H5N1 strain of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and his grasp of reality is tenuous at best.
Said idiot then goes on to talk about the Butler report.

Look, there's "pursuing" and then there's pursuing. The "Confederate Yankee" could "pursue" a real, meaningful point or a relationship with a real, live girl, but that doesn't mean he's going to actually come close to either. Just because he wants a date doesn't mean he needs to buy condoms. Just because some bastard wants something he shouldn't have doesn't mean we should bomb 30,000-plus civilians into oblivion.

As I've said before, the CIA thought the nuke talk was "overblown" and "exaggerated" and sending people to war should require a higher standard than a someone's belief that someone else might have, just maybe, wanted to buy uranium.


Blogger kurzbein said...

And that's ignoring the issue of whether or not Saddam had either the interest or inclination to pass along nuclear weapons (I refuse to use the term WMD - it's meaningless) to AQ. We have every reason to believe that Saddam viewed AQ as an enemy. After all, didn't Osama plead with the Kuwaitis to allow AQ to drive Saddam from Kuwait? But we Americans cannot discern these differences where race/ethnicity/nationality other than our own are concerned because, to us, everyone hates America. To us, it's perfectly plausible that Saddam and Osama were sitting somewhere planning the next 9/11.

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