Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Delicate flowers

Reid's move was so mean, especially to our hardy midwestern senators.
Pat Roberts wants to know where his candy is. "This is all trick and no treat."

Kit Bond's tummy hurts. "I just ate lunch, and it's upset my stomach."

Here's the best bit, though.
As lawmakers raced between the chamber and Frist's office, reporters surrounded Frist chief of staff Eric Ueland. "It was a nonstop rant to build up to a political stunt!" Ueland said of Reid. As he leveled these charges, Ueland turned in a 360-degree circle so that all the journalists could hear him.

"You're spinning!" one of the reporters observed.
Good catch by Dana Milbank.

Must read: TBogg lays into a bitch-slapped Frist.


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