Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The echo chamber

Hunter at DailyKos picked this whole thing apart and it is a prime example of how the Right Wing Noise Machine works. Here's the short version.
  1. Drudge calls the DNC "anti-Italian" for using the nickname Scalito, though it's been with the man for many years. Hunter quite appropriately goes apeshit.

  2. Democratic talking points show up on Hardball, with a section highlighted about Alito losing the "nation’s longest federal criminal trial." Because the trial involved the mob, Chris Matthews puts the "anti-Italian" smear together with the document and calls the talking points a "pretty disgusting document." As Hunter puts it:
    Doesn't say anything even remotely implying Alito had any connection to the mobsters except prosecuting them and apparently botching the case. Doesn't say anything at all about Alito being an Italian American. Doesn't imply jack-shit about it.
  3. Drudge posts a statement from the Chairman of the National Italian American Foundation, Alfred Kenneth Ciongoli, who, it turns out, is a Republican doctor who has given thousands to Bush and other Republicans. The real kicker? Ciongoli's son clerked for Alito.
Another sacred ring of Republican bullshit and cronyism is complete.

Tomorrow, though, Matthews needs to get a million damn e-mails (hardball@msnbc.com) asking him why he's point-pimping for the right-wingers.

(You have to read all of Hunter's posts, by the way. He's great when he's pissed.)

Update: More from Hunter.


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