Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Enemies of straight talk

Lord, when will the Bush administration realize that the Iraq War won't be won by spin?
RUMSFELD: General Casey and his folks are putting a lot of pressure on the terrorists and on the enemies of the government. We frequently call them insurgents. I'm a little reluctant to, for some reason.
QUESTION: Senator McCain has suggested you don't have enough U.S. troops and Iraqi forces that are qualified to be able to hold those areas, clear them and build them.

Can you address that and can you talk about perhaps some specifics in recent weeks where that may have been happening?

PACE: I think what you see most recently are the examples of the operations that have been taking place in the Euphrates Valley between Baghdad and the Syrian border. You're seeing the combination of U.S., coalition and Iraqi forces working side by side, many times with the Iraqi armed forces in the lead, taking cities from the -- I have to use the word "insurgent" because I can't think of a better word right now -- taking...

RUMSFELD: Enemies of the legitimate Iraqi government. How's that?


PACE: What the secretary said.

HA HA HA! It's funny 'cause it's bullshit!

Hey, people! Please quite listening to the Bill Bennetts and the James Q. Wilsons. Quit trying to control the language. Quit trying to control the debate. Come up with a FUCKING PLAN!


The best way you could win this argument is to actually do something to WIN THE GOD DAMN WAR! Making up new names for the people blowing up our troops is a waste of time.

Update: This is mostly directed at Rumsfeld, not Pace. He's just following along. He actually called Rumsfeld on one statement in the press conference and Digby caught it.

Update: More at Cosmic Variance.

Update: Dana Milbank joins the fray.


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