Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A good start?

One could argue that Congress may be finally ashamed enough that they're going to start pulling some b.s. pork barrel projects. First to go is the "Bridge to Nowhere."
Sen. Ted Stevens says earmarks for controversial bridges near Anchorage and Ketchikan will be removed from federal law under a proposal agreed to by members of a House-Senate team negotiating a transportation spending bill.
Sadly, you'd be wrong. Don't you know these fuckers have no shame?
The $452.5 million earmarked for the bridges will still go to Alaska, but it won't be directed to the bridges, according to Stevens.

You see, the term "Bridge to Nowhere" was too easy to ridicule. Now they're not going to fund the bridge, but they're still going to waste the same fucking money! I wish these bastards would actually try to act like they give a damn about something other than politics.

The money should go back in America's coffers, along with the $1.5 Billion Christmas present from Tom DeLay to the criminals running the oil companies.


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